Review of Viomi V2 PRO V-RVCLM21B robot vacuum cleaner

If you use devices from the Mi Home ecosystem, or even if you do not use them, but you are looking for a really high-quality, powerful and functional robot vacuum cleaner, then today we will make your task a little easier. In this review, we will tell you about the Viomi V2 PRO-it costs less than $ 500 and offers almost the maximum of what a modern smart robot vacuum cleaner can offer: building a room plan using lidar, cleaning on a schedule, three containers for dry, wet and combined cleaning, high suction power and control from a smartphone with integration into the Mi Home smart home.

Package Contents

The device is delivered in a cardboard box with a simple printing. Inside, everything is very tightly packed, in addition, almost every component is packed in a protective bag. Unpacking leaves a very pleasant impression, and it is with it that the acquaintance with a new purchase begins. And so, out of the box are extracted: the robot itself is a vacuum cleaner with a pre-installed container for collecting dust, a removable platform with a wet cleaning cloth (plus a spare rag is included), two removable brushes (main and spare), a base station with a power supply and two additional containers.

In addition, we have a set of spare consumables (a rag and a brush). Well, I would also like to note that the excess power supply cable can be hidden in the charging station itself. And now we turn to the vacuum cleaner itself.


The case is made of plastic, the dimensions of the device are 350 mm in diameter and 94.5 mm in height. The vacuum cleaner weighs 3.3 kg. On top is an important element-lidar, with its help the vacuum cleaner scans the room, makes plans and orients itself in space. Of course, the front has a bumper with obstacle collision sensors. Also on top is a dual control button (power on and return to the charging station). Just note that to reset the settings on the included vacuum cleaner, you need to hold down both buttons for 3 seconds.

On top of the large opening lid hides a container and a maintenance tool (on one side – a brush, on the other - a hair knife). Special emphasis should be placed on containers. The set includes three pieces: for dry cleaning (volume of 0.6 liters), for wet cleaning (volume of water – 560 ml) and combined – with the ability to carry out both wet and dry cleaning at the same time. The first and last are equipped with HEPA filters for air purification. The water compartments are equipped with rubber stoppers. An important point is that the water supply is carried out by a pump, and not by a drip path, as with cheap vacuum cleaners.

Now let's look at the vacuum cleaner from below. Here we see two large wheels with a powerful tread. The main turbo brush is combined, with rubber and regular bristles. For easy cleaning of the turbo brush, it is easily removed, and the hair is cut off with the above maintenance tool. There is only one side brush (recall that a spare one is included), today many manufacturers refuse to use a second side brush.

For wet cleaning, it is necessary to install a platform on the vacuum cleaner with a rag installed on it. Of course, you need to pour water into the container immediately before cleaning. And after wet cleaning and before charging-you need to remove the container with water and remove the pad with a rag (and, of course, wash it).


To fully control the vacuum cleaner, you need to install the Mi Home brand application on your smartphone and then add your vacuum cleaner to it (to do this, you need to connect the robot to a Wi-Fi network). The application reveals the full potential of the device-displays and adjusts the zoning of cleaning in the room (the vacuum cleaner builds maps of rooms and shows the route traveled), sets the operating modes (dry/wet / combined cleaning, suction power, etc.), the schedule for automatic start of the robot vacuum cleaner.

There is also the possibility of manual control, it is useful if you need to quickly remove a specific place. And what is still very important-there is a counter for the resource of consumables. The app will tell you when you need to replace the filter, brushes, or wet cleaning cloth.

My own experience

Now let's talk about the important points of the operation itself. The first important point – thanks to the setting of the suction power, you can run the vacuum cleaner in a very quiet mode, and the vacuum cleaner will not interfere at all. At the same time, at the maximum mode, the noise level is quite acceptable, but the suction pressure is 2150 PA, and the suction power is 33 watts. The vacuum cleaner is really very good at collecting dust, including from carpets (at maximum power, of course).

The second important point is autonomy. From the built-in battery with a capacity of 40 Wh, the vacuum cleaner works for up to three hours, and charging takes only one and a half. Of course, if the robot vacuum cleaner does not have enough charge for a full cleaning, when the charge is low, it will go to the base station, and after a full charge, it will return to cleaning, continuing to work at the place where it left off. And devices from Mi Home, including this vacuum cleaner, can be controlled via the voice assistant Yandex Alice. If you dreamed of commanding a vacuum cleaner with your voice – you will finally be able to do it.


If you try to find at least some significant disadvantages, then only one comes to mind – the vacuum cleaner does not know how to change the power when switching to carpet. Otherwise, it is a modern robot vacuum cleaner that will take care of the cleaning. It has three cleaning modes, high power and good autonomy, it integrates with the Mi Home smart home and supports Alice voice control. In general, the model is really worthy of consideration.

Lutovinov Maxim (aka. Kok)

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