Microsoft Project Corsica Asic processor: 100-Gigabit compression for cloud environments

Microsoft announced the Corsica project this week as the culmination of the development of Its zipline compression standard. As you might guess, this standard provides compression and encryption, reducing the size of files and encrypting them when the information is in the data-at-rest state, in other words, it is at rest.

for services like Microsoft Azure, reducing stored data by a few percent means saving millions of dollars. Similarly, the exemption of processors from performing the work of compression and encryption can have a huge impact on operating costs. Since OCP Summit 2019, the company has been trying hard to find a hardware implementation of the Zipline, and now we have the ASIC Zipline.

The Corsica project is a joint development of Broadcom and Microsoft, an ASIC capable of handling encryption and compression at speeds up to 100 Gbit / s.

the Processor is installed on a relatively simple PCIe x16 card, with no input or output ports. The developers claim that the ASIC processes encryption and compression algorithms 15-25 times faster than the Central processor.

you Should also keep in mind that devices SmartNIC will allow processing zipline calculations on the network card processor, so from our point of view, it is unlikely that the Corsica project will be viable as an expansion Board.

Ron Amadeo

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