HIPER TWS Alto review

Previously, we have already tested the available TWS headsets from HIPER, today we will talk about the new product-the Alto model. It also plays in the niche of affordable headsets - its price is only slightly higher than two thousand rubles. But it offers an interesting case and ergonomic pads for a more secure fit. Well, let's get down to a closer acquaintance.


The headphones are delivered in a beautiful cardboard package, which opens like a book, and through the blister part you can see both the headphones and the case. The kit includes a short microUSB charging cable, two replaceable ergonomic pads and a user manual.

The case is very interesting in shape – it is rectangular, opens like a box, while not very thick, so it will not even burden the pocket of a business shirt. The microUSB port for charging is located not on the back, but on the side. Inside the case there are two magnetic seats for headphones, as well as four LED indicators of the remaining charging of the case.

The headphones themselves have an in-ear format, the dimensions are medium (the headphones are not tiny, but not to say that they are straight large). It is curious that the kit includes a pair of silicone nozzles, which add a soft stop so that the headphones are better fixed in the auricle. Of course, the convenience and ergonomics of any headphones is a purely individual matter. I can only say for myself that this model holds up well in my ears and without overlays. But with overlays, the landing is more confident and reliable. But here a lot depends on the structure of the ear.

Each earphone has a touch panel for controlling playback, switching tracks, adjusting the volume, answering incoming calls, as well as calling the voice assistant. It is curious that the control is distributed not according to the principle of "left/right" earphone, but according to the principle of "master/slave". That is, if you use one earphone (while the second one is charging), you can use it to do almost everything mentioned above, except to reduce the volume and switch to the previous track – only the slave earphone does this.

As for the autonomy, each earphone has a 30 mAh battery, which is enough for 2-2.5 hours of operation. From the case with a capacity of 300 mAh, you can charge the headphones 4 full times, which will give another 8-10 hours of work. I agree, the autonomy is not very high, but this model uses the Bluetooth module version 5.1 (AAC and SBC codecs are supported), which provides a very decent working radius and stable communication.

Finally, as for the sound, 10 mm emitters are installed in the headphones, but due to the form factor, the sound still cannot boast of abundant low frequencies-the emphasis is more on medium and high frequencies. There is a margin for volume, it is quite large, but as often happens at maximum volume, the sound becomes unbalanced – there is excessive sharpness in the RF area. But it is worth lowering the volume slider by a couple of divisions, as the situation stabilizes. In general, in my opinion, HIPER TWS Alto is more designed for listening to audiobooks and watching videos from Youtube.


The HIPER TWS Alto is an affordable TWS headset that has an interesting case and convenient silicone nozzles. If you like plug-in headphones, but want to get a more confident fit – take a closer look at this model.

Lutovinov Maxim (aka. Kok)

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