DeepCool Macube 310: budget ATX case with tempered glass

Relatively quickly, beautiful ATX cases with tempered glass moved from the category of HEDT to the section of budget builds, and today we are considering the case of the DeepCool Macube 310, which costs only about 80 USD. At the same time, here is a case in which the side doors are fixed on magnets, the front panel is made under a monolith, there is a normal cable laying system and the division of the case into two zones: for the power supply and hard drives, and actually for the motherboard. Somehow suspiciously everything is good to be true.

Color options

At the time of writing, the MaCube 310 could be purchased in black or white with a single fan size of 120x120x25 mm on the back wall. Of course, for such money, no one expects that the body will be aluminum with a thick steel frame: the material here is thin, but it does not catch the eye, does not rattle and does not "breathe".

DeepCool MaCube 310

Please note: the case has no external compartments, neither 5-inch nor 3.5-inch, so the company has already made the first massive step towards creating modern PCs.

Between SSD and HDD

In general, I want to digress a little on the topic of how the manufacturers of computer cases, who were previously famous for their bold ideas, inspired modding and custom builds, suddenly turned into the strictest conservatives, and it is clear that every step is given to them with great difficulty. Well, it would seem that in 2019-2020 you are releasing a case without external compartments, because we have already forgotten what a CD-drive is, and many people do not know what a 3.5-inch compartment is for.

HDD лотки

Well, it would seem that you continue this beautiful trend and throw out all the compartments for 3.5-inch HDD and 2.5-inch SSD: live beautifully, brightly and modernly in the world of fast NVME drives. But no, game manufacturers love to release their crafts in the format of 100 GB+, not everyone is ready to install the NAS, so in the lower fenced compartment of the DeepCool Macube 310, 2 HDD bays and a place for the power supply are installed. The disk basket is not removable, but it is good that it is covered with a metal sheet on the front side of the case, and the view of these old hard drives with their SATA cables will not darken your eyes.

SSD Trays

Similarly, the 2.5-inch SSD slide located behind the motherboard is also hidden from human eyes.

Обратите внимание: для того, чтобы получить доступ к этому старью, вам надо зайти в корпус «через заднюю дверь», открыв стальную крышку. Всё, что может нарушить гармонию вашей красавицы материнской платы с RGB подсветкой, надёжно скрыто от глаз людских, а я бы ещё и замок повесил.

Magnetic covers

But instead of a lock or even ordinary screws, DeepCool, on the contrary, takes a step towards openness: you do not need to lock and screw anything, because the front glass cover and the rear steel cover are held on magnets. And so that you do not bend the metal lid when opening, a small handle is made on it.

Крышка на магнитах

In order to meet some safety standards, you can install soft corners that will fix the side walls in the closed position. Well, it is believed that if an infant crawls to the table, reaches for the case cover, pulls it on itself, then it will not open, gently smacking him on the head, but will fill up the entire case on its side (with a video card, cooler and PSU), and certainly will not leave the poor guy a chance. Well, as they say, in a world obsessed with security, I thank DeepCool for the fact that these corners are delivered in a bag, and not screwed from the factory, so first of all I send them to the trash.

Уголки безопасности

Please note: the bottom of the metal cover is attached to the body on a wide seal, so that it closes softly and inaudibly.

Ручка боковой стенки

Well, the wide handle, almost the entire length of the case, as on modern ovens, looks very monumental!


Following the modern fashion, the DeepCool Macube 310 has 2 USB 3.1 ports and two 3.5 mm audio jacks. They are placed on the top cover and installed between the Power and Reset buttons.

Порты и разъёмы

USB ports are connected with one pad to the two-port connector on the motherboard, but I recommend that you disable the Reset button, because if you are not left-handed, then you will always touch it when you connect the flash drive to the right port.

Верхняя крышка

By the way, the top cover is removable, but this should only be done for the installation of exhaust fans. Usually, dust does not accumulate here, and this place of the case does not need to be cleaned.

Space for coolers and cables

The positions of all the fans are height-adjustable, and in total, you can install the DeepCool in the housing.:

  • One 120 mm fan or 120 mm SOD per rear wall
  • Three 120 mm fans or two 140 mm fans per top cover
  • Three 120 mm fans or two 140 mm fans or SOD with a 120-360mm radiator on the front wall

Your video card can have a length of up to 330 mm, and so that it does not bend under its own weight, there is a bracket in the case to support it from the end.


Of course, for me it is surprising and incomprehensible why there is no possibility of installing liquid cooling on the top cover: the same DeepCool has chic systems Castle 360 RGB and Captain 240 Pro, which flood the entire space with their light, but here they remain idle, and when placed in front, their efficiency already decreases and they do not look spectacular.

Тройник для вентиляторов

On the back side of the case, there is even a tee for 3-pin fans.

Окошки для Cable Management

What is especially pleasing is the cable laying system with rubber blinds and Velcro, which allows you to hide all the extra wires out of sight. Elastic bands are fixed tightly and do not fall out.

Ножки корпуса

Another well-thought-out point is the height of the body legs. If you put your computer on the carpet, then so that the power supply does not suffocate, inhaling dust and lint, the case is raised above the ground by about 2 centimeters. The same design of the legs you can find in the case of the Cougar MX330-G AIR.


In general, the case of the DeepCool Macube 310, despite its low price, is quite rich: here you will find support for the video card, and cable laying with blind curtains - all like in adult, more expensive cases. Frameless glass with an invisible mount and fixing the side walls with magnets are very pleasant features that will distinguish your case among others with tempered glass.

The disadvantages of this model are typical for the class of such cases: the inability to install the SOD on the upper wall and the thin steel of the case.

Michael Degtjarev (aka LIKE OFF)

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