DeepCool DQ750-M-V2L full modular PSU review

The DeepCool DQ750-M-V2L power supply is an expensive series of fully modular PSUS with 80 Plus Gold certification, built on the Seasonic Focus Gold platform and distinguished by high-quality Japanese components. Yes, I am particularly pleased that in the era of universal savings on matches, there are companies that openly declare: "we sell quality", and this is not an empty phrase.

In my previous reviews, I said that the first sign of the quality of a modern PSU is certification according to the 80Plus Gold, Platinum or Titanium standard, and given the trends in the components market, I think that the DQ750-M-V2L we are considering will be the last high-quality 80Plus Gold, and then the market will move to 80 Plus Platinum. The fact is that if a year ago I wrote that the 80 Plus Gold certificate is the key to using expensive components and such power supplies from DeepCool, Seasonic and NZXT companies can be taken without looking, today we are increasingly testing Chinese PSUs with the same level of efficiency, but without the frills of selecting components. To maintain the demand for top-end models, PSU manufacturers will have to offer the customer something new, and there is not much choice: full modularity has been mastered, monitoring via USB is protected by patents, RGB lighting in these nodes is usually not in demand due to the closed location in the case. So all that remains is a planned increase in average capacity, along with a certificate of efficiency.


The DeepCool DQ750-M-V2L we are considering is built on the Seasonic Focus Gold platform with a common +12V bus and DC-DC converters. Compared to the models of previous generations, this platform is quite simple to produce, so that even visually it seems that the power supply inside is empty.

Do not be surprised by the choice of fan: as with all models on the Seasonic Focus Gold platform, it uses a 120-mm HA1225H12F-Z fan from Hong Hua with a blade speed of 2000 RPM. Due to the fact that the rotor suspension uses a hydrodynamic bearing with a service life of 50,000 hours, we can talk about the high reliability of the device. The angle of attack of the blades is designed primarily to create high pressure, and half of the working surface is closed so that the air flow is better distributed over the space of the power supply and cools its radiators. The fan has two stages of rotation speed: 900 and 1450 RPM, and the speed is selected depending on the load, and the transition to the maximum speed is shifted to as high as possible - in the region of 85%. That is, in a typical office environment, the power supply will behave very quietly.

In this power supply unit, all capacitors are manufactured by the Japanese company Nippon Chemi-Con of the KZE series. Today, these are the highest-quality banks that can be found in expensive electronics. They have a temperature coefficient of 2000 hours at 105 degrees Celsius, which is approximately 12 years of operation in normal mode. I am sure that the manufacturer specifically chose the Nippon electrolytes, because they are well recognizable by their brown color and do not need to be introduced. Solid - state tanks are also used here: blue-from the same Nippon.

At the input, a full filter is soldered, where two chokes are located on the main board, and the capacitors are located on the input board. There is also a varistor that protects the power supply from Over Voltage Protection at the input.

Two diode bridges are located on a common radiator. DC-DC converters +5 and +3.3 V are located on the daughter board and have a common aluminum radiator. If you look closely, even on the ferrite rings around which the filters are wound, there is a manufacturer's marking, which is not often found.

The DeepCool DQ750-M-V2L power supply is fully modular, meaning you can disconnect all cables, including the ATX24 Pin. Why this may be necessary is quite clear: for the convenience of connecting in some unusual cases. The connectors for connecting cables are located on a separate daughter board, and here the manufacturer did not skimp on capacitive filters: only one electrolytic and 14 Nichicom solid-state capacitors.

Test results

First, check the voltage drop under different loads:

Deviations are within acceptable limits.

The power supply unit shows the greatest efficiency in the range of 400-600 watts. The maximum noise level is reached at a load in the region of 600 W and lasts up to 700 W. The sound pressure level is 35 dB.

Technical specifications


Dimensions, mm

150 х 160 х 86


ATX12V v2.4 / EPS12V v2.92

Power Factor correction

Active PFC 0.99


120 x 120 x 25 mm
1400 RPM
Fluid Dynamic Bearing
32.3 dBa


80 Plus Gold

MTBF, hours

100 000


10 years

Pay attention to the warranty period-10 years! A huge time by today's standards.

Load characteristics

+ 3.3V





20 A

20 A

62 A

0.3 A

3 A

110 Wt

744 Wt

3.6 Wt

12.5 Wt

750 Wt

As for the cable configuration, note that the 750-Watt model has two PCI-E (6+2) cables, although there are 3 sockets for them on the power supply case.

Package contents

As expected, the packaging of the top game product is great: in a separate case is the power supply itself, and next to it in the purse are cables, so that all the unused cables you can store in one place.

The cables themselves are nothing special, neither in terms of the thickness of the cores, nor in terms of insulation, nor in terms of connectors.


DeepCool DQ750-M-V2L is primarily a high-quality Seasonic platform, which has already become a household name that speaks about the quality of the device. There is nothing to complain about here: the power supply works quietly, and all deviations are within the normal range. For fashionistas and fashionistas who assemble computers in white cases, DeepCool has a variation in a light color scheme.

Taking into account the excellent technical characteristics, the test voltage deviation indicators and the 10-year warranty, we can say that the DeepCool DQ750-M-V2L is the best power supply option to date.

Michael Degjarev (aka LIKE OFF)

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