CyberPower External Mechanical Bypasses MBP60AHVIEC82U and MBP20HVIEC6

CyberPower has released two new models of external mechanical bypasses & ndash; MBP60AHVIEC82U and MBP20HVIEC6.

Bypass is a mode of supplying the load with mains voltage bypassing the main circuit of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system. For example, bypassing a UPS, stabilizer or diesel generator. Bypass is often called the bypass protection line itself (circuit) and its associated switching devices.

The transfer of the device to bypass mode can be done automatically or manually. On-Line UPSs will automatically transfer to bypass mode when the output circuits are overloaded or when an internal fault occurs. Thus, the load is protected not only from faults in the mains supply, but also from faults in the UPS itself. The ability to manually transfer the device to bypass mode is provided in case of its maintenance without disconnecting the load.

Each of them can be used to provide power to the load directly from the mains to exclude an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) from the power supply system chain. It is thanks to the presence of a bypass that it becomes possible, without interrupting the operation of the main equipment, to perform service work with the UPS (repair, maintenance, replacement of batteries, etc.). Both bypass models are scalable.

In addition, it is possible to connect two uninterruptible power supplies to the bypass, which will allow switching between them and thereby provide power redundancy in the equipment rack. Unlike the use of automatic power supply switches (ATS), such a solution will not have many intelligent functions, for example, there will be no control and monitoring of the network status at the level of each outlet, but it is the simplicity of installation and operation that makes external bypasses popular in various fields.

Ron Amadeo


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