Corsair Carbide Series 275R case review

Last time we got acquainted with the Corsair 110R body, and today we will look at the more expensive and more advanced model Corsair Carbide Series 275R Airflow. This model also has a side panel made of tempered glass, support for water cooling systems, easy-to-remove dust filters, and one of the competitive advantages is the vertical installation of the video card.

Corsair Carbide Series 275R Airflow

This model differs from the previous one (and from many similar cases) with an increased width - 446 x 211 x 437 mm, and all just because of the possibility of vertical installation of the video card-an additional seat requires space. But first, let's look at the appearance of the Corsair Carbide Series 275R Airflow. The prefix "Airflow" in the name means that the front panel we have-with an abundance of vents, through which air enters from the outside. Buttons and connectors are located on the upper end of the panel, there are only two USB ports, but both are standard 3.0.

The left side panel is a single piece of tempered glass, which is fixed with four screws with a large knurled head, which can be easily unscrewed with bare hands without using a tool (but if you really want, you can use a flat screwdriver). The right side panel is solid metal. On top of the housing is a large easy-to-remove dust filter, fixed with a soft magnet.

At the back, there is almost nothing unusual – the lower location of the power supply, a seat for a 120 mm fan (already pre-installed from the factory) with the ability to adjust the vertical position. Of interest – only a landing place for vertical installation of the video card. Looking ahead, we will say that there is no riser in the kit, that is, if you want to install a video card in this place, you will have to take care of buying a PCI-E extension cable yourself. At the bottom of the case there are massive legs with rubber pads, an easy-to-remove dust filter under the power supply, as well as especially sharp-sighted people will see the bolts for fixing the HDD basket, which hints at its removable design.

Now let's look inside. In accordance with long-standing trends, the internal space is divided into two zones – the area with the power supply and the storage basket are separated from the rest of the system components. From the factory, two 120 mm fans are also pre-installed in the front for injection. All three fans are black, without illumination. If desired, you can add another 120 mm fan to the front, or replace the standard ones with a pair of 140 mm. Another pair of fans (120 or 140 mm) can be installed on top. As for cable management, we are very pleased with the presence of rubber split plugs in each hole for laying cables. You should also pay attention to the presence of a hole in the box above the power supply unit – through it you can lay the power cable of the video card.

If you look at the case on the back of the motherboard, then you will notice, first of all, four seats for 2.5 " drives, and two of them are removable. Two more 3.5/2.5 " HDD / SSD drives can be installed in the basket on the sled. As we mentioned above, this basket is removable, so if it is not needed, it can be removed, thereby freeing up space for laying cables, or for installing a longer (than standard) power supply.

And finally, we need to talk about the limitations imposed on the dimensions of the components. So, the height of the processor cooler is limited to 170 mm, the length of the video card is 360 mm, of course, this is taking into account the installation of case fans As for the support of water cooling systems, in the Corsair Carbide Series 275R Airflow, you can install a radiator up to 360 mm in size-in front, on top-up to 240 mm, and behind - 120 mm.


We liked the Corsair Carbide Series 275R Airflow, first of all, because of its stylish appearance – there is a merit of both the side panel made of tempered glass, and the front panel with air vents and the classic black color. Secondly, a well-thought-out interior decoration. And, thirdly, the possibility of vertical installation of the video card, which, together with a transparent side panel, allows you to create a very spectacular assembly. Actually, for complete happiness, it will only be necessary to add RGB-illumination.

Lutovinov maxim (aka. Kok)

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