Corsair 4000D PC Case review

Everyone knows Corsair by its high-quality cases and effective watercooling, but today we will talk about the cases. More precisely, about the 4000D model . It well characterizes a brand that pays attention not only to design, but also to the little things that other manufacturers prefer not to waste time on.

Corsair 4000D

The case is delivered in a cardboard package with a classic design. The complete set is traditionally packed in a separate small box, which is fixed in the basket for disks. We will see it a little later, but for now we will carefully look at the front panel of the model. Let's just say that the 4000D also happens in the Air and low version, which is distinguished by a lattice overlay on the front panel – for the passage of air. The usual version, which fell into our hands, has a monolithic panel, so the air is sucked in on the sides of this panel. By the way, it is metal, and it is easy to remove (it is easy to snap off). And you will have to remove it, because there is a front dust filter behind the panel, which covers all three fans. If desired, you can remove the entire front panel, but for this you will already have to use a tool to unscrew two small screws from the bottom.

The buttons and ports are located on top of the case itself. Of interest – two USB ports: one is USB-A 3.0, the other is a modern USB 3.1 Type-C . And there is only one audio port, but it is combined, which makes it easier to connect gaming headsets. Well, according to the classics, we see a large soft mesh dust filter from above, which is fixed on magnets.

We completely forgot to mention the dimensions of the Corsair 4000D, which are 466x453x230 mm. The case weighs decently-7.8 kg. The width is due to the fact that the case supports the vertical installation of the video card, which can be guessed when looking at the case from behind. And you can also notice that the position of the fan (standard size 120 mm) on the back wall can be adjusted in height. Finally, when looking from below, we see a removable plastic dust filter under the power supply. And if you look closely – we see that the storage basket has several positions, and that it can be completely dismantled. But we'll talk about it later.

Well, now nothing prevents us from removing the tempered glass side panel and looking inside. Immediately note that although the side wall is fixed with screws with a knurled head (please note-the screws do not fall out when completely unscrewed), but still it has a mount like the front panel, for a more reliable fixation.

There are a lot of interesting things inside. From the obvious – two pre-installed 120 mm Corsair fans in black without backlight, but with a classic 3-pin connector . Due to the large width of the case, under the motherboard on the casing separating the PSU and drives from the common space, there was a place not only for ventilation holes, but also for holes for laying cables. But to the right of the motherboard, such holes are not visible, because a more aesthetic solution is used here – a large gap is used, which is located perpendicular to the pallet, which makes it easy and convenient to connect the wires to the connectors on the motherboard and immediately hide them from the eyes. Plus or minus, here everyone decides for himself, but on this side there is no possibility to install 2.5 " disks. They are assigned a place exclusively on the other side of the motherboard.

The right side wall is ordinary, metal, without noise insulation. But the fixed screws are the same, they do not fall out when they are unscrewed. Please note that the rear case looks even more interesting, in the sense that there are already elements for cable management, and a lot of black elements, which of course are simply not visible through the transparent side wall. There are two removable slides for mounting 2.5 " HDD / SSD drives and a basket for two disks. Moreover, universal plastic sleds are also used in the basket, which allows you to install both 2.5” and 3.5” disks. The basket is removable, it can also be moved slightly to the front, freeing up space for the power supply, but pushing the front cooling system.

A small cardboard box is attached to the basket in one of the slides, inside which all the complete accessories are located – screws, ties and everything else that may be required to assemble a computer. Please note that there is no riser (extension cable) for vertical installation of the video card in the kit – it will have to be purchased separately. Well, it is from this angle that the biggest gap for laying cables is best seen.

Now let's talk about compatibility with components. First, let's talk about cooling: three 120 mm fans or two 140 mm fans can be installed in front, two 120/140 mm fans on top, and one 120 mm fan on the back. Two 120 mm fans are already included, but since they are without illumination, it is likely that they will be replaced. Its can be installed practically any, with a radiator from 120 to 280 and 360 mm. The maximum height of the processor cooler is limited to 170 mm, and the length of the video card is 360 mm. The length of the power supply unit is 180 mm, and if you dismantle the HDD basket-220 mm.


What pleases the Corsair 4000D is its solidity and attention to detail. From the outside, the case looks classic, not colorful, and inside is a paradise for the collector. All conditions are created for competent cable management, there is a possibility of vertical installation of a video card, a huge tower cooler and almost any modern SVO. In general, in the Corsair 4000D, you can build both a powerful and beautiful computer, no "or".

Lutovinox Maxim (aka. Kok)

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