Belkin KVM switches. Product overview

A little about the company. Belkin is a global leader in communication solutions. The company develops and manufactures electronic communication devices for home and corporate use, corporate and mobile equipment, Power Protection equipment, etc. The manufacturer's wide product range includes a variety of USB equipment, KVM switches, interface cards, network equipment, computer and audio-video cable products, UPS, gaming devices, various accessories for PDAs and laptops.

Belkin is among the 500 fastest-growing companies in the United States (according to Inc. Magazine). One of the success factors of Belkin is its ability to adapt to changes in the business of its customers.

Let's take a closer look at the KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) solutions presented in the Belkin product line. Why on KVM? The KVM market is currently booming. Many companies, as well as ordinary users of home computers, have realized how much this solution makes it easier to control computers. One of the factors that led to the growth of the KVM market is the development of the server market. According to data from the Venture Development Corporation (VDC), the KVM market in 2005 will be $780 million, and the annual growth of the IP KVM market is 30% and this growth will continue until 2009. An even better scenario for the KVM solutions market is very likely: even higher growth rates.

Belkin KVM types

Belkin KVM equipment is divided into different series depending on the purposes and needs of use.

Домашний KVM переключатель Belkin

The Desktop series features an unusual design and covers Belkin KVM switches for home use. The series has an unusual design. In addition to the usual switching of the monitor, keyboard and mouse, KVM switches in this series support USB 1.1 ports and audio input and output.

Belkin divides KVM switches for use in a corporate environment into two main series:

  • Professional
  • Administrator
The Professional series offers 4-, 8 -, or 16-port KVM switches with an on-screen menu. The switches in this series provide the high performance and centralized control needed to manage an average or large number of computers.

KVM переключатель Belkin

These switches allow users to control up to 256 multi-platform computers from a single PS / 2 console. Providing support for both PS/2 and USB, the Professional series offers advanced features such as computer naming, on-screen menu switching, hotkey switching, and software updates.

The Administrator series differs from the Professional series in its greater professionalism and even greater capabilities. It is characterized by increased stability and offers the most efficient, secure and scalable switches.

KVM переключатель Belkin

Let's start with the Belkin 2x16 KVM switch. It gives administrators the ability to control up to 16 servers from two consoles, and when cascading, it can expand to 256 servers. This allows four system administrators to simultaneously control up to 256 computers combined in a stack (maximum-16 KVM). Additionally, through the on-Screen display (OSD), users can set names, group, sort, and select between attached servers or server groups using the keyboard and mouse. The OSD menu also makes it possible to set up to 3 levels of protection for user groups.

KVM переключатель Belkin

One of the most convenient ways that Belkin can advise you to scale your system is to add a 16-port KVM Expander to create an extended configuration. Expander offers an affordable and efficient way to add ports to your configuration. Using Expander is a much more cost-effective solution, as opposed to adding additional KVM switches, such savings can be estimated at about 30%. Expander takes over the switch functions, including support for various platforms and flash software updates. Extending your configuration with cascading ports provides scalability without losing ports. You can add up to 15 Expanders to control 256 servers.

The 2x16 KVM switch with CAT5 Extension is an ideal solution for isolated server rooms, large groups of computers, and security systems where the computer may not be accessible to the user. The switch allows you to control servers at a distance of up to 304.8 meters.

An even more flexible KVM solution is a remote IP console. With the Belkin remote IP console (RIPC), users will be able to remotely access servers or groups of computers connected to the KVM switch over a TCP/IP network. This is very convenient – from any corner of the world, the administrator can virtually configure the hardware, enter the BIOS and restart the computer. RIPC does not require special software and is easily accessible via a standard web browser. Unlike other IP-based KVM solutions, RIPC is easy to install and integrate with devices for restarting computers. It uses 128-bit encryption to prevent unauthorized access and software updates to always keep up with the times and meet the latest servers and devices. The console is a compact solution and takes up almost no space in the rack, as well as cables attached to it, which is also very convenient and saves you time and money. With its advanced features and functions, this powerful, easy-to-install remote device is ahead of any other KVM solutions on the market.

KVM переключатель Belkin

In conclusion, it should be noted that KVM switches manufactured by Belkin belong to the average price category, and at the same time they are at a level higher in quality than expensive switches. And this is undoubtedly a very attractive feature in favor of Belkin KVM switches.

Ekaterina Romashova

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