Among other advantages of the modern USB Type-C interface is the support for really powerful charging, which allows you to charge not only smartphones and tablets, but also laptops. Today we will talk about three fairly powerful chargers from Anker – two network models and one car.< / p>

If you use devices from the Mi Home ecosystem, or even if you do not use them, but you are looking for a really high-quality, powerful and functional robot vacuum cleaner, then today we will make your task a little easier.

There is no point in discussing which vacuum cleaner is better – mains or battery, conventional or vertical. Each type will have its own supporters who will give reasonable arguments. It is much more important that the model is really comfortable, powerful and functional. So modern vertical cordless vacuum cleaners can easily replace conventional ones powered by electricity. An example of this is the JIMMY H8 Pro. This brand was closely associated with Xiaomi, made products for it, so in terms of quality, these are the same level of brands. The brand has a serious approach to product development, has its own patents, in general, again-the level. Specifically, the H8 Pro is a powerful vacuum cleaner with a removable battery, excellent equipment and low cost

Last time we met you with a chic JIMMY H8 Pro model, which we liked with high power, rich equipment and an interesting turbo brush that does not collect (on itself) hair. The only thing that can stop a potential buyer from buying is the price of 25 thousand rubles. But especially for those who want to get all these key features, but at a more modest price, JIMMY offers the JV51 model. Recall that JIMMY was closely associated with the XIAOMI brand, so they know how to do high-quality things.

The difference between a cheap robot vacuum cleaner and an expensive one is not so obvious – several times different in price models look very similar and it seems that they also have functionality. But not everything is so simple, otherwise there would not be such a tough competition for such a large selection. We have experience with inexpensive models, and today, using the example of the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900, we will see what a truly "smart" robot vacuum cleaner should be able to do.

New generations of robot vacuum cleaners with powerful motors and the function of washing floors, literally drive you crazy: they are already ready to replace a regular vacuum cleaner, but the failures of previous models have given rise to a whole galaxy of rumors and misunderstandings, which we will deal with.