Today, Qualcomm announced that they are entering the AI accelerator market with the Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 family of chips. Designed from the ground up for the artificial intelligence market, this chip should be released as early as 2020. At the same time, Qualcomm emphasizes that the new chip will be compatible with existing software for artificial intelligence applications.

When Intel Xeon processors of the LGA-3647 series first appeared, many experts joked that this processor socket was so large that it was impossible to make a Mini-iTX board on it. And now ASRock Rack showed the whole world that nothing is impossible for them, and if you need Xeon Scalable on a motherboard for a nettop - please, the company has a motherboard for you

Intel has updated the Broadwell-DE series of embedded processors for Edge applications. First of all, the frequency of each of the cores has increased, support for 4 10GBe network controllers has appeared and the performance of QAT technology has increased.

Last week, Facebook introduced a new form factor, the Open Accelerator Module, designed to accommodate ASIC processors that will eventually replace GPUs in machine learning. Today, such processors are being developed not only by Nvidia, but also by Intel, Google and many other companies.