Today we will talk about the ECS Liva Q1 micro-computer, a model for office tasks with a 4-core Pentium N4200 processor, 4 GB of RAM, Wi-Fi 802.11n and two 1GBase-T network ports, which is ideal for creating an Edge server for VPN, Wi-Fi, NAS and smart home.

A modern PC Case should not only be beautiful, but also well-blown to ensure high-quality cooling of all system components. Today we will get acquainted with Deepcool Matrexx 50 MESH 4FS-this case is an excellent basis for assembling a computer of almost any performance. The space for installing cooling is such that even the hottest assembly will not be hot.

Everyone knows Corsair by its high-quality cases and effective watercooling, but today we will talk about the cases. More precisely, about the 4000D model. It well characterizes a brand that pays attention not only to design, but also to the little things that other manufacturers prefer not to waste time on.

Gaming memory modules from a well-known manufacturer of professional video cards are interesting because they have a built-in XMP profile at 3600 MHz, and also easily chase above 4000 MHz with delays below 18-20-20, and the RGB backlight is controlled from the software of the motherboard itself.

Perhaps, power supplies are the only thing that has not risen in price against the background of the mass hysteria of mining. This means that, just like a year ago, a high-quality modular 850-watt unit with a 10-year warranty can be bought for less than 120$.