We have already written many times that QNAP NAS-s on Linux platform can become indispensable helpers in business, shouldering the responsibilities of other infrastructure elements on their electronic shoulders. And by purchasing a small QNAP file server for your company, it is possible that soon you will be using it for more than just storing files. In this article, we will discuss the standard features of the new generation of QNAP firmware, useful for small companies.

Today's review is dedicated to an industrial storage system using advanced hardware capabilities. Suffice it to say that this is one of the few storage systems that supports 12 drives in a 2U chassis. Today, this means 24 TB of data in one device. All of this is powered by Core2 Duo E7400, and the platform itself is built on real server hardware.

This Thecus file server is designed for companies looking for high performance. It seems to be a standard 2U NAS set of 8 SATA disks, an Intel processor, 2 GB of memory and a fault-tolerant power supply. But the highlight of the device is support for 10G network controllers, which will allow the server to successfully survive an upgrade of network infrastructure or fit into a 10G environment at a low cost, because Thecus servers have always been more affordable than competitors.

This is a 5-disk file server, expandable to 10 disks using an external module. This NAS has a 2-core processor that can achieve speeds of up to 200 MB/s, and the third generation Synology Disk Station Manager with a multitasking web-based window interface allows you to make any settings faster and easier. What is interesting about this NAS for small businesses and what are its fundamental differences from competitors, we will consider in this article.

HP Lefthand storage ideology is based on 5 core technologies: Storage Clustering, Network RAID, iSCSI Networking, Thin Provisioning, Local & amp; Remote Copy. The names speak for themselves. In this article, we will find confirmation of each of these points, as well as consider how the different versions of the StorageWorks P4500 and StorageWorks P4300 series storage systems, designed for use in large enterprises, differ.

In this article, we are talking about Proware's professional storage solutions. This company has vast experience and a significant range of storage systems, distinguished by the type of connection. ProNAS file servers run on a proprietary operating system that allows you to build low-cost, fault-tolerant configurations with support for backup agents, VMware virtual environments and an extended set of proprietary services.