Synology brings to market the small and medium office storage solution, RS2414 +. It is a 12-drive rackmount NAS that can be expanded to 24 HDDs when a disk shelf is attached. It is built on the basis of an Intel Atom processor with a frequency of 2.13 GHz, which allows keeping the price of the product around 82 thousand rubles, which in itself is already unusual. For this money, you get the most modern operating system, connection via 4 network interfaces, USB 3.0 and all the functionality that the company has been developing over the years.

The issue of organizing data storage in small and medium-sized businesses often causes headaches. How many issues need to be resolved, how many requests need to be satisfied at the same time, and at the same time the system must work in 24x7 mode with minimal support from IT specialists. There are many solutions, and one of them is a 1U solution for four format disks - ASUSTOR AS-604RD.

Well-known design, well-known interface, huge functionality, not oversaturated with possibilities and traditional pricing policy - slightly more expensive than analogs. Some things have not changed in QNAP products from the very first generation to this day, but this does not affect their popularity. Today we will take a look at a somewhat new, somewhat conservative, but very powerful NAS for 8 disks, built on Intel Atom 2.13 GHz and think about the reasons for the popularity of QNAP networking solutions.

Synology is taking another confident step into the world of enterprise storage. Today we're looking at RS3413xs +, a 10-drive NAS with SSD caching technology, up to 34 HDD scaling, upgradeable to 10G networks, 4 Gigabit NICs, plenty of memory and a powerful 4-core processor that promises 400,000 IOPS performance. (2000 MB/s) in read mode.

An NAS for small businesses with big ambitions. Rackmount, 12 hard drive bays, 2 power supplies and expansion cards. The latter actually means the ability to work in 10G networks, which in turn gives performance at the level of 1 gigabyte per second. We tested this NAS in a 10G environment and saw with our own eyes that the highest performance is now available on inexpensive storage systems over twisted pair cables without expensive optics.

Desktop storage system for 8 SATA drives. It is designed for use in small businesses where there is a need to store tens of terabytes of data, a fast processor for cloud applications, but where there is no possibility to install equipment in a rack. Fast iSCSI and Samba performance, 5-disk expansion via eSATA and USB 3.0, and all the features of the modern and beautiful DSM 4.0 shell recently released by Synology. More importantly, low cost of purchase and ownership.