Testing the top-end enterprise-class NAS from QNAP, we ask two questions: what acceleration will we get using the technology of data distribution over layers (Tiering) for each invested dollar, and whether we can use the built-in hypervisor in this storage system, set up a full-fledged remote desktop, with 3D graphics for working in 3D Studio Max and Sketchup.

This SAN storage system has many features that make it worth paying attention to. First of all, this is the RAID 2.0+ technology, thanks to which in our testing, RAID 5 survived a fall of 6 drives! In addition, this is an extended work with snapshots, because each of them can be mounted as a separate LUN, automatic LUN reduction and much more.

With the release of a dual-socket storage system with 24 SSD drives, Synology announced: here is our product on which you can build fast high-availability systems and hyper-converged virtual systems, where storage and server are combined in one device. It is one of the fastest NAS devices to go on sale today. Promised performance - up to 500K IOPS in 4K Random Read, minimum power consumption like two light bulbs, horizontal and vertical scalability, including available expansion components. We tested the new product for speed and cost-effectiveness.

Samsung has announced the start of deliveries of its 15.6 TB SSDs for the corporate segment. Although these drives will include smaller models, they are still larger and faster than any modern hard drive. The days of hard drives are over, but how these SSDs can change the world of corporate data, we'll look at this article

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