Finding out if your backup and restore systems are working well is much more difficult than just knowing how long the backup process takes. Meeting the baseline requirements is a prerequisite for properly evaluating your system to determine if it is performing well or needs to be redesigned.

QNAP has got very interesting monstrous NAS-s for working with large amounts of data. The storage system under consideration today with a head unit for 24 3.5-inch hard drives makes it possible to pack 384 TB of data into one system and do without expansion shelves at all, which may be quite enough for the needs of a small enterprise.

Many specialists of small organizations clearly understand the advantages of ZFS and can justify to the management the savings from software LZ4 compression and deduplication when buying a new storage system, but there were no inexpensive solutions for this file system. But a holy place is never empty, and QSAN decided to combine in one device everything that we love in Linux and everything that we value in ZFS.