Usually, the user trusts his information to a single hard drive and backup. This approach is absolutely inappropriate for enterprises where data loss is equal to business loss. What data storage systems exist today and from what threats can they protect your data and, accordingly, your business?

Modern hard drives are fast, they have huge volumes, they are quite accessible to everyone, but unfortunately, they are still as unreliable as before, as research proves. You can protect your home archive of photos and videos, passwords and programs from HDD failure by setting up a RAID 1 array. We have tested the available RAID controllers to find out which one is the best to trust with data storage.

The AIT format was developed by Sony based on helican-scan technology. It was the first to use built-in flash memory on a MIC (Memory-In-Cassette) cassette, which contains service information about the tape content and a data distribution map, which allows to optimize access to them. Like other modern formats, AIT uses a tracking system (ATF) to record tracks more densely.

In this article, we will look at the advantages offered by RAID arrays and compare four IDE RAID controllers from manufacturers such as 3ware, Adaptec, HighPoint and Promise.

It is not difficult to burn something to a disc, but what if you need to burn not one, but several dozen discs in a row? Already in the first ten, anyone will think that it would be nice to automate this process. Devices designed for professional recording of discs have been around for a long time, they are compact and work fast.