In the previous, 700th generation of network chips, Intel relied on simplicity and availability, so 40-Gigabit processors of the Fortville family did not have most of the hardware offloading mechanisms and were positioned as entry-level solutions. In the new series, Intel realized that network controllers in the modern world have more requirements than before, so the 800 series will first of all please those who were waiting for RDMA support (iWARP & RoCE V2).

Today we are looking at one of the most advanced managed switches on the market. Not so long ago, Zyxel built support for the nebula cloud management system into its professional devices, which allows you to configure and maintain the network on the site simply, and most importantly - remotely.

Using packages allows the basic installation of pfSense to remain compact, but allows users to install only the packages necessary for their conditions. In this article, you will find a list of the top 5 pfSense packages that you will most likely need to set up your corporate network. Each package includes a brief description of what the package does and how it can help your network.

Good-bye, dear friend! After 4 years of working with the Mikrotik router, I suddenly decided to finally restore order in the network infrastructure, and then it turned out that it has problems with the network, the switch slows down, updates are incompatible with previous ones, and technical support is silent.

10-Gigabit networks are becoming more accessible and in demand every day, and today this technology is of interest to everyone, except for large data centers, where it has been used for more than 10 years. In this article, we will look at both types of 10-Gigabit interfaces: optics and copper, and show you the advantages and disadvantages of both types of connectivity.