For true cross-organizational collaboration, productivity and user experience, every employee needs access to core business applications. To do this, they need a very flexible and scalable connection to cloud applications and resources, direct access to the Internet and an on-demand connection with other users and devices

When testing this switch, we first of all check compatibility with cables and network adapters, evaluate the quality of the element base, speed and impact on latency between ports.

The decision to switch to SD-WAN has significant business implications. In short, the answer is: SD-WAN technology provides higher transparency, better availability, and improved performance, as well as additional freedom of action. This is why we have seen an increase in interest in SD-WAN over the past few years.

Like many traditional industries that use long-standing methods of operation, the oil and gas sector has been rocking for a long time before it started using IoT technology.despite having devices on drilling rigs, pipelines, and wastewater treatment plants for decades, the mining industry has only recently started working with modern IoT.