One of the key challenges associated with the increased reliance on cloud resources is creating and maintaining ongoing security, including unified visibility and control to spot and mitigate threats and seamlessly remediate misconfigurations.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the discovery of Stuxnet. The malicious computer worm made headlines because it was targeting supervisory control and data collection systems. Since then, there have been many similarly sophisticated cyber attacks on enterprise management systems around the world.

The XGS4600 Series Gigabit Stackable Layer 3 Switches are designed for use as root devices in small hotel, office and business center networks. They have 10 Gigabit SFP + slots for server farms and come with a lifetime warranty.

For true cross-organizational collaboration, productivity and user experience, every employee needs access to core business applications. To do this, they need a very flexible and scalable connection to cloud applications and resources, direct access to the Internet and an on-demand connection with other users and devices