Huawei has in its lineup a full range of equipment for the implementation of high-performance public Wi-Fi for places with a high density of devices and harsh operating conditions. Today we have top-end devices for outdoor installation that have an extended temperature range of operation, a dust- and moisture-proof housing, and triple radio communication with a selective mode of operation of an additional radio module.

Covid-19 has affected every organization, from a family business to a large enterprise. In almost all cases, we have seen that most employees work from home. This in itself meant expanding the corporate network to home offices. To ensure security, organizations needed to provide each employee with the same level of security that they would have if they worked in an office.

Zyxel has a series of simple unmanaged switches for 2.5-Gigabit networks, with 5 and 8 ports. Both have a non-blocking switching matrix for full bandwidth: 25 and 40 Gbit/s, respectively, that is, they can be used in the most loaded networks. We will review and test the 8-port model.

If you have not previously met with Zyxel ATP, then here is a brief brief for you: this powerful 8-core Multi-WAN gateway combines all modern methods of analysis, protection of privacy and integrity of your corporate network: signature lists of Internet sites and IP addresses, intrusion prevention system (IDP), antivirus and HTTPs sniffer for both Web and mail, plus a Wi-Fi controller with proprietary Secure Wi-Fi technology that installs a VPN tunnel directly to the access point.