The network security gateway is a relatively new device in the small network segment for small businesses. Even one common name didn't stick. However, today you can assign it responsibility for VPN access to the network, for limiting the network activity of your staff and for penetration of external threats into your network. Judge for yourself - this device has a built-in antivirus that scans all traffic on the fly, an advanced spam detection system, blocking services by list and sites by classifier. And all this-at a very good speed with a free subscription to all updates and services!

The NetGear SRX5308 firewall is designed for companies that require the speed of communication channels. Four WAN ports support two session-level load balancing modes, as well as switching for increased reliability. Support for up to 125 VPN tunnels or up to 50 tunnels when using SSL. Support for VLAN, extended ACL, 4 WAN and 4 LAN, and all this - at a price of about $ 550, that is, we are dealing with a new price range that is available to all customers.

A very interesting gigabit managed switch for small offices. NETGEAR has provided it with features such as support for virtual networks, channel aggregation, automatic allocation of VOIP traffic for VoIP networks, as well as the ability to backup power over PoE in case of problems in the 220V network. And all this - in a budget model with 8 ports, which is ideal for creating aggregations for connecting a server or NAS to corporate networks.

Currently, the market offers a great variety of digital boards focused on building telecommunications systems that can combine 32 lines of E1 digital streams with any form of telephony-from PSTN to VoIP. When choosing the E1 digital phone card for the test, we chose the single-port TE121 card from the American company Digium, since this developer is the manufacturer of the most popular and widespread Asterisk platform in the world.

Today we will talk about a very simple, but very useful device, the Adder ALPV 150P VGA extenders with cable power. Using a twisted pair (CAT5 cable), this device can transmit a signal up to 150 meters away. Moreover, with a resolution of up to 1920x1080, that is, Full HD. This device greatly facilitates the installation of information panels and monitors at various sites from shops and train stations to trade centers and laboratories.

In an office, business, or home, you may need to connect a USB device at a distance of tens or hundreds of meters. For example, a USB key, printer, or specialized hardware. In this case, you will have to look for a USB extension cable, possibly wireless. Today we will talk about similar devices from the company Icron-extensions for different tasks: fast, wireless and long-range.