KVM equipment and related accessories supplied to the Russian market allow you to build solutions of any level of complexity for small offices, enterprise server rooms, and data centers. KVM switches allow you to connect multiple servers to a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse without requiring complex settings or additional hardware.

Level One offers a 16-port KVM switch with IP access and can be installed in a 19 " rack. Support for cascades up to level 8, additional Daisy Chain ports, a USB port, and the ability to connect an external modem to work when the network crashes.

This material will be of interest to professionals, system administrators, and IT service specialists. KVM switches are the most effective means of variable control of multiple computers or an entire computer fleet. Modern technologies and solutions for large companies and small offices. All the necessary information about KVM switches is given in this article.

If you want to use two computers at the same workplace, the easiest way to do this is to buy a KVM perk key. You can easily switch your keyboard, mouse, monitor, headphones, and microphone between two or four machines. OmniView is a new series of switches from industry leader Belkin.

This material will be of interest to system integrators, IT service specialists, and professional administrators. Belkin KVM switches are an effective tool for remote computer administration at a distance of up to 305 meters. Connect via IP from anywhere in the world to the company's computer Park or home PCs.