The Engage program transformed the specifics of interaction with partners from a static model to a dynamic one. The modern world does not allow people to stand still, new technologies require constant development and study. Now the program has 3 areas – the level of relationships, business model and specialization.

A couple of years ago, the maximum air cooling limit was 600W per unit. Today, it is theoretically possible to divert up to 1.2 kW per unit using air. However, in the future, you will need to allocate 2 KW, and you can't do without liquid cooling.

The heaviest loads on the CloudFlare network are Firewall and serverless services, which makes CPU the most expensive item in The cloudflare server budget. The company's approach to server design is very different from traditional content delivery networks designed for large object video libraries, and the 10th generation of servers meets these requirements.

An interesting solution for home laboratories, small test rooms or maintenance-free points where 1-2-3 pieces of equipment are placed, and every square centimeter is worth its weight in gold