We take a powerful server and immerse it in a tank of liquid, then apply voltage and hope that no sparks fly. But maybe we should be afraid of something else: continue to build data centers with a service life of more than 10 years, the cooling of which depends solely on air flows? How sustainable is an industry that spends more on providing electricity to rotating fans than it does on powering processors?

The Engage program transformed the specifics of interaction with partners from a static model to a dynamic one. The modern world does not allow people to stand still, new technologies require constant development and study. Now the program has 3 areas – the level of relationships, business model and specialization.

A couple of years ago, the maximum air cooling limit was 600W per unit. Today, it is theoretically possible to divert up to 1.2 kW per unit using air. However, in the future, you will need to allocate 2 KW, and you can't do without liquid cooling.