The rapid and global business response to COVID-19 served to underscore the need for business continuity plans that include flexible, anywhere, anytime, secure remote access to any information, using any application on any device, and from any location - and at scale. But this wasn’t some radical departure from the direction business was already headed. It simply accelerated our transition to a more fluid, digital world.

Quarkus is driving Java-based applications and services into the future. More specifically, the Quarkus framework is helping to drive Java-coded assets into a future that is positively populated with the computing advantages that come from the use of serverless, cloud and Kubernetes environments.

Today, almost no discussion on any topic goes on for a long time without raising the topic of the pandemic in some way. this agenda dominates our entire lives in many ways today. of course, life will continue, but somewhat differently. companies have had to rethink their business models and adapt to the fact that in the near future fewer people will work in the office, many will continue their activities remotely. This situation has put pressure on IT departments, including new security issues.

Оборудование InfiniBand не пользуется высоким спросом на вторичке, поэтому цены на него в 5-10 раз ниже, чем на 10-гигабитное. При этом, скорость - выше, а сети можно строить вообще без коммутаторов.

When you look at how large companies are rowing everything that is bad in the world of protocols and network solutions, you do not immediately understand what is happening, so let's figure it out together.