The history of the emergence of cryptocurrencies is not as unambiguous as it seems to many. Its appearance began several decades before 2009. The first concept of cryptocurrencies arose in 1983, when David Chaum and Stefan Brands described the possibility of using electronic money. Such information was a breakthrough for its years, but it did not go further.

The cryptocurrency market has collapsed, and let's leave the romance and childhood dreams and admit to ourselves: cryptocurrencies will not be able to break the financial system with banks. We already have an example of excellent free Linux operating systems, which were also predicted for the great future, but failed.

Today, everyone is actively discussing Web 3.0, but there is no clear understanding of how the third generation of the Internet works yet. Major brands and companies are actively striving to get there, although in fact the era of Web 3.0 has not yet arrived. The global Internet community is not yet ready for Web 3.0, in fact, the technology has not yet been developed to such an extent that it can be said that Web 3.0 is already being used at the present time. In this regard, a new concept of Web 2.5 has appeared, as a transitional stage to Web 3.0, and we will tell you about it in more detail today.

In the age of computer technology, almost everyone uses the Internet and has many accounts on various websites and Internet services: social networks, e-mail, messengers, electronic money and much more. Of course, it's convenient and practical.< / p>