If you need to connect several devices via the HDMI interface, and even at a considerable distance, you should not spend a fortune on HDMI cables, you can use splitters and adapters from HDMI to twisted pair, which will greatly facilitate and reduce the cost of digital signal dilution. These are the solutions that Level One offers us.

The VNC console is a good alternative to KVM switches when administering remote systems over a network. Compact, reliable, simple and easy to connect and use device that works individually with a single server or computer, can save money when building and maintaining computer networks in the enterprise or in the office.

The new console expands the range of applications and consumers of KVM solutions. Such a device belongs to the category of presentation equipment and would be useful in every office, as it allows you to output a presentation to a laptop from any of the computers in the office, using wireless networks. At the same time, you can control these computers by connecting a keyboard and mouse to the console.

The professional series of IP-KVM switches from Altusen is characterized by support for resolutions up to 1600x1200, the ability to service machines at a distance of up to 40 meters, support for PC, Mac, Sun platforms, as well as the ability to combine in cascades with similar models, providing access to the entire server fleet. This solution allows the specialist to solve most problems with servers without physical presence on the site.

An entry-level industrial KVM switch that is optimal for managing server rooms that host up to 500 machines. Simple setup and installation, cascade support, network operation and low cost - everything you need for small businesses.

Altusen introduces its new industrial 16-port KVM switch KH1516. Its features include compatibility with PC, MAC, and SUN, management of 32 computers, and a new type of CPU modules connected via Cat5 network cable. Plus - a better price for the KVM and CPU modules themselves.